Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Finally, last Monday, I had the cystoscopy I had been waiting for – the proof that one year of the best known cancer treatments had succeeded and I would see a clear, healthy bladder wall.
The cystoscopy last December showed a fairly healthy bladder surface – the only unexplainable phenomena were two bumps underneath the mucosa. It turned out that these bumps were residues from the markers they set before radiation, but the biopsies also showed the presence of CIS (carcinoma in situ) at the top of the bladder. This is usually treated with 6 weeks of BCG, and because of my bad experiences with BCG I received only 1/3 of the regular dose, which still was more than I could handle. The treatment was interrupted, and then terminated. It took over a month to recover. Since then I have started to treat the cancer with cannabis oil, and at the moment I take approx. 75mg of THC, and 370mg of CBD containing oil daily.
Now to the cysto: My bladder looked trashed, like a squirrel had tried to get out through the bladder wall – only some nasty graffiti were missing in the arrangement. My urologist Dr. Chaime did not look too happy either.
The truth though – there were no identifiable tumors etc. to see, but the squirrel left such a mess in my bladder that it would be hard to decide where to biopsy.
Of course I wanted to schedule a biopsy as fast as possible, but the next opening was in a month! Luckily my general practitioner Dr. Chang suggested that it might be a good idea to wait, because it is understandable that I want to know if there is cancer present, but the state of my bladder would not necessarily allow for a reliable result.
So now I wait again.
It wasn't good – it was ugly –  and it was  really bad!
Bad squirrel!
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